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Greater Sudbury Immigration Stories

From David Kouassi Brou’s perspective, Canada looked like an ideal place to settle. Having faced difficulties due to conflict and political instability in his native Ivory Coast, David began searching for a new home where his children could flourish—a safe and stable country that could offer the right opportunities for his family to build a solid foundation and thrive.

The Kouassi Brou family stands together for a family portrait in Greater Sudbury.

As a teacher in the Ivory Coast, David knew the value of education and placed a lot of importance on academic success, especially when it came to his children. Canada quickly rose to the top of David’s list of potential destinations with ample opportunities in education, health and employment.

When David and his family arrived in Greater Sudbury in 2018, they were delighted to find an active local Ivorian community. This tight-knit community welcomed the family with open arms and provided them with useful information on available government services and programs. They also helped David navigate his family’s new duties and obligations as newcomers.

“I like Sudbury for its peacefulness. It’s a city that supports education. […] It offers peacefulness, areas for recreation, a welcoming population and multicultural restaurants.”


David began his studies at Cambrian College and eventually graduated from Laurentian University with a degree from the School of Education. He now enjoys working in education, teaching in several schools across the city.

David is a graduate of Laurentian University with a degree from the School of Education.
David is pictured teaching Canadian geography to students from a local high school in Greater Sudbury.

Greater Sudbury has been the perfect city for David and his family. Making friends and connecting with the community has been easy. Although winter came as a shock, the family has come to appreciate the season and now occasionally take part in winter sports like skiing and skating.

David and Roselyne sit together with their children during an outing at Bell Park.
Although David and his family initially struggled with the cold and snow of winter in Greater Sudbury, they have since learned to enjoy it.

“I’ve been able to achieve a number of goals over the last three years, including receiving my bachelor’s degree in education. Today, I am able to live my passion and work as a school teacher. I am proud of everything we have accomplished since our arrival.”


David teaches in various schools across Greater Sudbury.

David considers Greater Sudbury to be a city of opportunity for newcomers. The family is growing. David and his wife, Roselyne, have welcomed two new children since arriving in 2018. Greater Sudbury truly feels like home.

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