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Greater Sudbury Immigration Stories

Yeika Abad signature

Yeika Abad was born in the Dominican Republic. Due to the political and economic realities of this small Caribbean nation, Yeika had a goal of migrating elsewhere. Driven and determined, Yeika wanted to be where opportunity leads to success.

“The Dominican Republic has some challenges, in regards to its political and economic systems, which leads a lot of people to think about migrating elsewhere.”


Yeika with her family
Yeika and her family in the Dominican Republic.
Yeika walking with books in hand
Yeika, on her way to school in the Dominican Republic.

Attracted by the different types of immigration programs being promoted by the Canadian government at the time, Yeika and her husband took the leap and moved to Greater Sudbury in 2017.

She now works in Operations and Finance at Hard-Line Solutions—a local tech company with clients from all over the world. Her education and Spanish language skills help contribute to the growth of the company.

“Everyone in Sudbury has been very welcoming. I can enjoy being in the park with my family.”


Yeika on the telephone
Yeika’s education and Spanish language skills help contribute to the growth of HARD-LINE Solutions.
Yeika and her husband on their wedding day
Yeika and her husband enjoy their big day.

For Yeika and her family, Greater Sudbury has been the perfect mix between a big city and quiet town.

With her husband building his career here, her son attending school and her young daughter following not far behind, Greater Sudbury has been a place where her family can flourish.

Yeika with her family outdoors
Yeika and her family enjoying a winter day in Sudbury.
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Hussein Qarquouz photo
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