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Greater Sudbury Immigration Stories

As a young adult, Suchita Bali knew she wanted to chart her own course and live an independent life. She dreamt of leaving home and exploring life outside of India and her first choice was Canada.

Suchita Bali’s parents pose for a photo in India.
A young Suchita and her parents in India.

Suchita enrolled in the up-and-coming field of Information Technology (IT) at Georgian College’s extension campus in Punjab and quickly fell in love with technology. She found herself spending late nights at the college computer lab tinkering and learning. Through a stroke of luck, she met a fellow student in her program who was friendly, respectful and charming. Their shared fascination with technology had quickly grown into something more. By the end of the first semester, Ishmeet officially asked Suchita out and the rest is history.

After getting a Computer Programmer Diploma from Georgian College, Suchita enrolled in Computer Science at Laurentian University which also had an extension campus in Punjab. She soaked up the opportunity to practice English and learn about Canadian culture. To her surprise, Laurentian University discontinued their extension program in 2005 and she was invited to finish her program in Canada.

Suchita and Ishmeet arrived in Sudbury in 2005 and instantly felt at home. By 2008, she had graduated with an Honors Bachelor in Commerce and Computer Science.

The Bali family enjoying the outdoors in Sudbury.
Suchita and her husband Ishmeet first met as students studying Information Technology at Georgian College’s extension campus in Punjab.

Suchita has always had a drive to learn more and develop new skills. After working as a programmer, she followed up by getting a Masters in Business Administration. In 2014, Suchita began working in healthcare as a Social Media and Web Specialist where she utilizes her analytics and research skills to develop digital communication and web content management strategies. She looks forward to finding new ways to connect with the community.

Suchita in her role as a Social Media and Web Specialist working in healthcare.

“In my early childhood, I saw my parents struggle to provide for us. I have seen and known scarcity. This is why giving back to our community is important to me.”


Suchita’s daughter Banee loving Kivi Park.
Banee and her father Ishmeet take turns swinging at Kivi Park.

Ishmeet and Suchita are proud to call Sudbury home. In 2010, they welcomed their daughter Banee into the world. Being a techy family, they find themselves working on little home automation projects together. Banee’s dream is to become an oncologist.

Giving back to the community is important to Suchita. She is a volunteer with the Khalsa Aid Canada Sudbury chapter, a humanitarian relief organization which helps assist local charities.

The Bali family enjoying the fall colours at Kivi Park.
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